All definitions and terms appearing in this Compensation Disclosure Statement that are not herein defined shall have the same meaning ascribed to them under the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, unless context demands otherwise.


Unless otherwise expressly stated on the Site, you should assume that all references to third-party products and services (the “Third-Party Products”) may be due to a relationship between DietWiz and the owner of such product or service (“Vendor”).


DietWiz may list on the Site and/or recommend Third-Party Products based, in part, on a good faith belief that the purchase of such Third-Party Products will assist in the effectiveness of the Services provided by DietWiz.  While the Company has done its research about the Third-Party Products, it makes no representation as to such Third-Party Products.

Additionally, DietWiz’s suggestions about the Third-Party Products may be partially formed in part, because DietWiz or affiliate may be compensated, as a result of a purchase of such Third-Party Products. In some other instances, the DietWiz and a Vendor will have a business that does not involve receiving any compensation. Nonetheless, the nature of the relationship may be sufficient to establish a material connection between DietWiz and the Vendor.

The type of compensation received by DietWiz may vary. In some instances, DietWiz may receive complimentary products, services, or commission from a Vendor prior to mentioning the Vendor’s products or services on this Site.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, DietWiz makes every effort to ensure that all reviews are accurate and true, but some bias may be assumed simply because of the material relationship between the parties.

If you have questions regarding the compensation received by DietWiz in relation to any Third-Party Product, please contact


Last Updated: Oct 10 2017